Okanagan Antique Power Club - Kelowna club of enthusiasts for classic tractors, steam engines, old farm equipment, veteran & vintage trucks; all restored to working condition.


2010 Photos.... Lorne's Low Boy & W6


2010 Photos.... June Show at Father Pandosy Mission






Here is a pic Al's JD



November WorkDay

Work at the Father Pandosy mission site to install a storage trailer. This trailer is now used to store all the club's equipment used for tractor & machinery shows.

2008 Photos

Pictures from the June 7th & 8th show at Father Pandosy Mission.

A picture of this steam engine was on the front page of the local paper - The Daily Courier - here's the text that went with it:

Pioneer power and pastimes
Recycling isn't as recent a phenomenon as we might think. Way back when, the reuse of materials was commonplace, and it was displayed at the Father Pandosy Mission on Sunday by members of the OrchardValley Quilters Guild. "Today, most of our fabric comes from quilt stores, but originally, quilting was recycling," said the club's Marguerite Berry. "It was the father's shirts and the winter coats. "The shirt might have become an apron and then the apron became a quilt. It could be used three or four times." The fabric on the back would come from flour or sugar sacks. "Those were prized commodities," said Berry. "The women would bleach the fibre, have it come out in a cream white and use it as the background for the quilt." The club had quilts from 1900 and 1920 on display as well as dozens of newer ones. Saturday's show was a partnership with the Okanagan Antique Power Club, which brought out dozens of steam engines and tractors.

The centrepiece of the exhibit was a beast of a steam-powered tractor – almost as big as a bus – that came from the Keck Gonnerman Company of
Indiana. The company's slogan on the side of the tractor said: "KG owners swear by their machines, not at them." "This one came out of northern Minnesota, one of the last steam engines," said Doug Callahan. "It was built in 1929 and sat at the factory for two years because of the Depression. It never did much work, so it's in really good shape." The unit has a two-cylinder steam engine while most were single cylinder.
"It burns wood," said Callahan. "It could burn coal, but it's a little hard to get coal around here." The engine produces about 60 horsepower, but "You get incredible torque out of a steam engine," said Callahan. "There was one like this used in the
Kelowna area. I've seen old pictures of thrashing done in the Valley. Or they would use them to power sawmills. There was up to a dozen of them in the Kelowna area back in the teens." Steam engines reached their peak of popularity in 1911 before gasoline took over. The operator of the KG tractor got everyone's attention and thrilled the kids by sounding the steam whistle. "They had different signals when they were thrashing or just to let everyone know you were coming," said Callahan.

The club also brought out a 1918 Mac Bulldog truck, one of the originals from the
Penticton Sawmills. It was shined up and looking like new. Said Berry of Sunday's event: "It's a nice partnership because a lot of times their shows attract men only. This (quilting) has given women an option to come out. There are a lot of people who have never been here before."



2007 Photos

Pictures from our June 2nd and 3rd show at the Father Pandosy Mission.

Our young members, the Moeller twins, Thomas and Jessy are operating the club tractor train and satisfying many young enthusiasts.

Jake's threshing machine was reassembled for display at the June show. With (most of) the pieces back in place the working party stands around for a group picture.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short band pleasing the fans

Walter Kumph pulling right along with his 1919 Oil-Pull Model 12-20

Jake Warkentin's son in law, Colin Wilson, operating Jake's 1905 International Hay Press.

Our Power boys belting up to Trent Karius's 1927 stationary Rumley Oil-Pull

Trent Karius compressing air with his York ( nickname "The Giant" ) powered by his Rumley Oil-Pull.

We have a problem - Jake Warkentin and his 1955 John Deere 720 working hard to fire up Doug Callahan's 1912 Case.

Doug is happy, "thanks Jake" ,problem solved.

Doug and Linda Callahan's 1912 Case Model 20-40

Some pics from the Vernon show - Sep 23 - 2007

..and a few from the Pumpkin Patch September 29th

and from the Cherry Fair

2006 Photos

2005 Photos

Clayton Ivan's 1947 Merc. Firetruck.

Monte Sandvoss taking Jake Warkentin for a spin in Jake’s 1919 National lumber truck.

Walter A. Kumph 1919 12-20 Oil Pull

Owner and Operator Doug Callahan working the controls on his 1916 Case Steam Tractor

Pete Soroka and Herb Allen starting Pete’s International stationary engines

Jack Poeling Oiling up the gears

Jake Warkentin’s fleet

Shane Nicholls fleet of Farmalls

Steam Piston

A mix of Red Orange and Green
The Fan

Vintage Trucks

And on a lighter side.......

how to cook a deere

1 - start with the engine

2- broil gently

3- Flambe to reduce to a fine ash

Thanks neighbor, but your old trailer isn't quite up to it

How not to remove a tree stump - with a 1948? Ferguson TEA 20